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Business Aviation - The Africa Market

Business Aviation - The Africa Market

NAFA member Jetcraft's Danie Joubert, Vice President Sales - Africa, discusses business aviation in Africa.

Interest in business jets has soared across Africa in the past 18 months. Whether responding to limited and declining airline options or pursuing the undoubted health and safety benefits of private jet travel compared to commercial flights, the business case for private aviation has gained in strength. At Jetcraft, we’re now receiving three times as many enquiries from potential new aircraft owners in Africa than before the pandemic.

Increasingly, many companies are today expanding with new business units across more countries in Africa. As a result, air travel and aircraft to suit remain essential. Demand for business jet ownership is rising dramatically across the continent, as seen in countries such as Angola, Uganda and Ghana. In Kenya, which already has a strong installed base of short-range private aircraft used for tourism, we’re seeing growing interest in larger jets for longer missions. Established markets such as Nigeria and South Africa remain vibrant.

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This article was published by Jetcraft on October 11, 2021.