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Transactional Integrity Resources

Transactional Integrity Working Group

The goals of NAFA's Transactional Integrity Working Group are to educate members about the risk of fraud, which can occur at any stage of a transaction, and provide resources that could help mitigate the risk as well as avenues to report it. 

To this end, NAFA has set up a new email address to allow members to report issues of fraud. If you experience any issues that you think our membership should know about, please email and our committee will review your submission and consider how best to use the information while maintaining confidentiality for the party reporting.  

To further support transactional integrity, NAFA will continue to host its panel of best practices at its Annual Conferences and use the information the Working Group gathers to keep members apprised of the latest threats and help mitigate the perpetual risk of fraud.

We encourage member participation in this panel either by volunteering to be in the Working Group or submitting articles for monthly publication.  Any and all input from the membership will be appreciated and will serve to help us all preserve the integrity of our aircraft transactions. 

We recognize that many fraud-related issues contain sensitive information, so please be assured that any and all reported issues will be handled with the utmost confidence. 


Due Diligence and Transactional Integrity Webinar Series

Next Episode: Navigating Russian Sanctions
Wednesday, June 5, 2024 | Noon CDT/1 P.M. EDT

What considerations do you make when dealing with transactions that could involve Russian parties? The situation involving sanctions in Russia is complicated, and restrictions from the U.S. and Russia itself can affect your transactions. 

In the latest installment of NAFA’s webinar series, we’ll dive into Russian sanctions and what they mean for your due diligence process. We will address critical areas such as: 

  • The impact of Russian sanctions on traditional due diligence processes. 
  • How to handle situations where an aircraft was in Russia during restricted periods. 
  • The implications of sanctions on buyers and sellers. 
  • Whether sanctions apply to the purchase and sale of aircraft parts. 
  • How to determine if a potential buyer is free from sanctions. 
  • The approach of service centers, OEMs and service programs when dealing with pre-buy inspections, parts and potential sanctions concerns. 
  • How to address situations where an aircraft's presence in Russia was due to an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) event. 

Due diligence and transactional integrity are everyone’s responsibility. All members of your team involved in any aspect of the due diligence process will benefit from this information.  

Register today! 


Past Webinars

View recordings of past Due Diligence and Transactional Integrity webinars below. 

  • Episode 3: Tips for Conducting Due Diligence in Aircraft Transactions
  • Episode 2: Tips for Avoiding Dealing with Bad Actors in Aircraft Transactions
  • Episode 1: Due Diligence 101: Know Your Regulators

To choose an episode in the series, click the playlist button in the top-right of the window below, or view the playlist on YouTube.


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