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Why Join?

Why Join?

Over the past 50 years, NAFA has retained its founders’ love of aviation and original guiding mission: to promote aircraft financing and the organizations that support it. 

Member benefits: 

A world-class network
NAFA hosts a complete network of lenders and product/service providers, all of whom regularly convene via in-person or remote events to discuss and resolve key, timely industry issues. 

Industry expertise and education
NAFA members enjoy comprehensive education on the latest industry developments, laws, and regulations from a vetted group of experienced professionals. 

Increased visibility for lenders and borrowers
NAFA drives high-quality traffic to its members through strategic advertising and marketing efforts promoting aircraft financing. 


Why now? 

50 years in, NAFA is showing no signs of slowing down. The opposite, actually. Historically, 30% of aircraft purchases are financed; however, NAFA—in coordination with data aggregators—predict a 30% increase in Q1 2021, due primarily to low interest rates. Aircraft purchasers are leaning on financing more than ever as a way to become more liquid and build cash reserves. There is also an uptick in new aircraft buyers (people entering the market who haven’t owned before as well as those who may have owned 15-20 years ago and are now returning)—a large percentage of whom are financing their purchases. 


Join today, by emailing us at, and be a part of our next 50 years!