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    NAFA Webinar: How the Priorities of the Aviation Industry Have Changed see more

    NAFA Webinar:  How the Priorities of the Aviation Industry Have Changed

    The Global Pandemic has had a profound effect on the industry and the way we do business.  What long-term effect will the CARES act have?  What about sustainable fuels, pilot shortages, and insurance rates?  Have those been affected, too? 

    Come listen to our distinguished panel of experts discuss the many ways industry priorities have changed in 2020.

    Meet our Moderator and Panelists:

    Gil Wolin, Publisher, Business Aviation Advisor Magazine.

    Ed Bolen, President and CEO, NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) 

    Pete Bunce, President and CEO, GAMA (General Aviation Manufacturers Association)

    Tim Obitts, President & CEO, NATA (National Air Transportation Association)

    Mark Baker, President, AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) 



    This NAFA webinar originally aired on October 15, 2020.

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    JSSI’s Commitment to Business Aviation see more

    Dear NAFA Member:

    As an organization, we at JSSI remain committed to providing world-class service and support to our customers and valued members of the business aviation lending and leasing community.

    Providing Financial Relief for Customers
    Effective immediately, JSSI has:

    • Suspended all annual make and model rate increases through June 30, 2020.
    • Implemented a 25% reduction on annual minimum flight hour invoices paid net 30 days, OR;
    • Extended payment terms to 90 days on annual minimum flight hour invoices in lieu of the 25% reduction. For those paying minimums each month the invoice will be reduced by 25%.
    • For operators using aircraft for rescue flights related to COVID-19, those hours along with additional credits will be applied to the account.

    Supporting the Lending and Leasing Community
    JSSI also reaffirms its commitment to the lending and leasing community by providing a range of services to help navigate through these challenging times. We can provide support, even if an aircraft is not currently on a JSSI or OEM program. 

    Advisory Services
    In addition to hourly cost maintenance programs, we are able to assist with pre-funding audits, asset inspections, desktop appraisals and more. Importantly, with over 75 Technical Advisors in strategic locations, we are ready to reach your asset quickly and efficiently without resorting to air travel during these very restrictive times. 

    If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to call JSSI Advisory Services at +1 312.644.4444 or email advisoryservices@jetsupport.com.

    Preservation Guidance
    With so many operators ceasing flight operations at this time, it’s also important to know that the preservation of the airframe, avionics, APU and engines is not only mandated by the manufacturer but also critical to the long-term airworthiness of the entire aircraft. 

    Our Professional Services team would be happy to provide further guidance on preservation requirements for aircraft not already covered by a JSSI program. For further information, please email info@jetsupport.com.

    As always, we value all feedback from the lending and leasing community. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.



    Louis C. Seno
    Chairman Emeritus
    e: lseno@jetsupport.com

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    Bank of Hope joins National Aircraft Finance Association. see more


    EDGEWATER, Md. – September 1, 2018 - National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is pleased to announce that Bank of Hope has recently joined its professional network of aviation lenders. “NAFA members proudly finance - support or enable the financing of - general and business aviation aircraft throughout the world, and we’re happy to add Bank of Hope to our association,” said Ford von Weise, President of NAFA.

    Bank of Hope specializes in core business banking products for small and medium-sized businesses, with an emphasis in commercial lending, serving a multi-ethnic population of customers through 63 full-service branches across nine states and eight loan production offices adding presence in two additional states. With nearly $15 billion in assets, the strength of the bank lies in their experienced management team, focus on sound risk management and governance practices, and commitment to the communities that they serve. 

    Building on their expertise in small business lending, C&I lending, and international trade finance, Bank of Hope is today a diversified financial institution capable of meeting more of their clients’ banking needs. Their expanded offering of commercial and consumer products and services now includes residential mortgage and warehouse lending, credit cards, equipment lease financing and foreign currency, among others.

    Much like NAFA, Bank of Hope is committed to improving the value of their services and providing expert financial solutions to foster growth for their customers and communities.

    For more information about Bank of Hope, visit https://www.bankofhope.com/, or contact Scott Schaidle at (562) 708-5888 or scott.schaidle@bankofhope.com.

    About NAFA: 

    The National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the general welfare of individuals and organizations providing aircraft financing and loans secured by aircraft; to improving the industry's service to the public; and to providing our members with a forum for education and the sharing of information and knowledge to encourage the financing, leasing and insuring of general aviation aircraft. For more information about NAFA, visit www.NAFA.aero.