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    NAFA members, Mark Bloomer and Brant Dahlfors, with Jet Transactions, share the 2018 Q3 Dassault Market Update.

    2018 continues to grow and show strong signs of stability. Q3 was exciting for new product certifications led by Gulfstream announcing the certification of the all new G500 and followed by Bombardier's certification of the Ultra-Long Range Global 7500. On top of new large aircraft product announcements at EBACE in May, confidence in future growth is apparent.

    Overall, in the segments we track, Q3 reflected the normal seasonal variations (vacation time) and new deliveries and pre-owned transactions were down 20+% over Q2. Shops are full with pre-buys and NextGen upgrades in addition to their normal maintenance customers. The pre- owned inventory continues to fall, down another 8.1% this quarter. In many cases, popular late model aircraft are below 5% of the fleet being available for sale. Gross numbers of pre-owned transactions will continue to decline for the foreseeable future as the market is seriously supply constrained.

    How does this affect the Dassault pre-owned market? Pre-owned inventory levels as well as the number of pre-owned Falcon products changing hands edged lower, with Average Ask Prices falling significantly lower on 3 out of eight tracked models. New aircraft deliveries remained low in Q3 down to only 3 new aircraft. Dassault has always been a niche provider, but it's time to pick up the pace a bit here. On the pre-owned side, several models faired quite well, with late model and NextGen equipped units leading the charge on transactions and holding their value well in the pre-owned market.

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    The original market update was published by Jet Transactions on October 15, 2018.