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Wings Insurance Joins National Aircraft Finance Association


EDGEWATER, Md. – Nov. 11, 2019 – National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is pleased to announce that Wings Insurance has recently joined its professional network of aviation service providers. 

“NAFA members form a network of aviation finance services who diligently and competently operate with integrity and objectivity throughout the world. We’re excited to welcome Wings to our growing organization as we head to our 50th anniversary,” said Jim Blessing, president of NAFA.

Wings Insurance is one of the largest aviation risks-only insurance brokers in the country, maintaining five office locations in the USA (Daytona Beach, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Chicago and Denver) and a customer base of over 2500 clients. The company’s aviation insurance reach encompasses every state in the USA along with global insurance placements in most EU, Middle East and Asian locales.

Wings Insurance began in 1984, specializing in aviation insurance on a regional level. Since inception, the business has experienced a steady rate of growth, and almost 35 years later they offer global insurance solutions through a world-wide network of solution providers with over 100 years of combined aviation insurance experience.

With their hands-on background in both the aviation and insurance industries, Wings has the resources to help their clients make informed decisions, whether it involves purchasing, financing, tax, legal, transitions or recurrent training. The company aims to provide the best coverages at the lowest price point available and solidify long-term partnerships through responsive customer service, creativity, and integrity. Wings is also one of only three International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) endorsed insurance brokerage firms. 

Much like NAFA, Wings Insurance is dedicated to the highest quality of service to their clients and business associates – delivered with a sense of friendliness and individual pride. Wings and NAFA are committed to fostering industry knowledge and leading-edge technology throughout the aviation industry.

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About NAFA:  

The National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the general welfare of individuals and organizations providing aircraft financing and loans secured by aircraft; to improving the industry's service to the public; and to providing our members with a forum for education and the sharing of information and knowledge to encourage the financing, leasing and insuring of general aviation aircraft. For more information about NAFA, visit