NAFA Postpones 49th Annual Conference for COVID-19 Precautions


EDGEWATER, Md. – March 17, 2020 – The National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is postponing their 49th Annual Conference due to precautions taking place in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, or Coronavirus. Scheduled to be held April 28th through May 1st, 2020 at The Meritage Resort in Napa Valley, California, NAFA’s Annual Conference is now on hold until further notice. 

NAFA’s decision to postpone comes amidst what is now a national emergency due to the ongoing spread and impact of Coronavirus. With an abundance of care for its hundreds of members and dedication to promoting the aviation industry, the Board of Directors took great consideration in this course of action.

“We understand the travel precautions our members are taking to protect their staff and communities, and the likely need for a temporary continuation of these restrictions,” stated Jim Blessing, President of NAFA. “Our Annual Conference is a highly anticipated meeting, with an extensive schedule of sessions on the latest developments in aviation and several social events. We don’t want anyone to miss out or be at risk, so our decision is to reconvene in 2021.”

NAFA will remain apprised of all developments regarding COVID-19, including member and government-imposed travel precautions, and reschedule their Annual Conference based on those factors. The Board of Directors is hopeful about the timeframe and will keep its members and other attendees updated regularly.

About NAFA:  

The National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the general welfare of individuals and organizations providing aircraft financing and loans secured by aircraft; to improving the industry's service to the public; and to providing our members with a forum for education and the sharing of information and knowledge to encourage the financing, leasing and insuring of general aviation aircraft. For more information about NAFA, visit