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NAFA Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Charlie Sauter

NAFA Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Charlie Sauter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  4 May 2023            

Contact: Tracey Cheek  


Edgewater, MD — 22 April 2023  Charlie Sauter, Executive Vice President at Scope Aircraft Finance, was honored with the NAFA Lifetime Achievement Award at NAFA’s 51st Annual Conference held in Key Largo, Florida, on April 22. This recognition is the highest honor presented by NAFA and is given to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional loyalty and service to the association. 

Sauter’s contribution to NAFA has been longstanding, having served twice as a NAFA board member. He has been dedicated to promoting the growth of NAFA and the aviation finance business.  

“The Lifetime Achievement Award is rarely given due to its high standards and eligibility criteria, which is a testament to Charlie’s exceptional contribution to the association,” said Ed Medici, current NAFA President. "Charlie has built a reputation of character and a strong commitment to integrity throughout his service to NAFA. He has been a pillar of support, promoting NAFA through its current growth.”  

The NAFA Lifetime Achievement award underscores the importance of the association’s values. Sauter’s legacy will undoubtedly inspire future generations of aviation finance professionals to continue to drive the industry forward.   


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