Mission Requirements Changing? Lee Rohde Discusses Your Options with Business Aviation Advisor Magazine

NAFA member H. Lee Rohde, founder, President, and CEO of Essex Aviation, advises on a few different options to consider when your aviation needs change. 

When your aviation needs change, there are a few options to consider, such as total aircraft replacement, refurbishment or utilizing third party supplemental lift services. Lee Rohde, President & CEO of Essex Aviation recently shared three avenues to consider with Business Aviation Advisor in their featured cover story, Time for a New Aircraft – or Not? 

An experienced and unbiased aviation advisor can help you weigh the different options and make a choice that is right for you or your client’s unique needs. Read the full article to learn more about the alternatives to aircraft replacement and then contact Lee Rohde or Tom Mitchell who can help answer any of your questions.

This article has been publish as it appeared in the March/April issue of Business Aviation Advisor.