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How To Buy A Project Plane And Not Lose Your Lunch

NAFA member, Jason Zilberbrand, President & CTO of VREF Aircraft Value Reference & Appraisal Services, shares what to look for when buying a project plane.

Looking to buy a project plane? It seems easy enough, but is it something you should consider?

If there is one thing a hot market will create is a lack of inventory. The fewer the aircraft available to the buying public, the more appealing project aircraft become. There are varying degrees of what some call a project aircraft, from the easy stuff like cosmetic updates to total restoration that can take years to complete.

Keep in mind that there are no easy wins when it comes to project planes. It’s a commitment. Continue for more information and insider tips on buying a project plane without losing your lunch.

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This article was originally published by VREF on June 11, 2021.