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5-Year Pre-Owned Market Forecast

5-Year Pre-Owned Market Forecast

NAFA member, Jetcraft, presents its annual Market Forecast, which explores the impact of post-pandemic global trends and how the accelerated ownership journey is influencing business aviation.


  • 12,261 pre-owned transactions representing $57.2B in revenue forecast over the next five years.

  • Pre-owned transaction volume and value will maintain their current healthy growth rates, reaching 2,647 transactions valued at $12.4B annually by 2025.

  • Midsize, and particularly Large Jets are predicted to lead volume and value growth overall.

  • Despite record industry demand, average transaction values will stabilize and remain rational.

  • Post-pandemic dynamics and opportunities from an increasing HNWI population will be key factors in growing transaction volume. 
  • The number of new business jet owners in Asia Pacific and Europe will rise, reaching closer to U.S. ownership levels.

Read full Market Forecast here

This forecast was originally published by Jetcraft on December 1, 2021.