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    Update: Additional Change to FAA Public Documents Room Due to COVID-19 see more

    NAFA member, Debbie Mercer-Erwin, President of Wright Brothers Aircraft Title, Inc., shares additional updates on the FAA Civil Aviation Registry and Public Documents Room.

    The FAA's Civil Aviation Registry has made another important change to their Public Documents Room (PDR) procedures in light of the continued spread of COVID-19, or Coronavirus. 

    After multiple changes made last week in order to protect their employees, permit-holders who regularly access the PDR, their families and the public at large, they have taken a significant new measure.

    As of Tuesday, March 24, 2020, the Civil Aviation Registry will quarantine "all incoming physical documents, including priorities, for 72 hours." 

    The Coronavirus is able to survive on surfaces for up to several days, which heavily increases employee exposure to the virus. 

    There will be no change in processing timelines of priorities submitted via the email portal, which was made available in the initial procedure changes. 

    However, the "20 page email maximum" referenced in those initial changes is now lifted for priority cases - multiple submissions can be made if the file is too large to be accepted at once.

    The FAA continues to try to mitigate transmission of Coronavirus while providing essential services and minimizing negative impacts. 

    For more information and assistance please contact your local agent.