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    EDGEWATER, Md. – Feb. 7, 2020 – National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is pleased to announce that The Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO) has recently joined its professional network of aviation service providers. 

    “NAFA members form a network of aviation finance services who diligently and competently operate with integrity and objectivity throughout the world. We’re excited to welcome the PAAO to our growing organization as we head to our 50th anniversary,” said Jim Blessing, president of NAFA.

    The Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO) was established to ensure the public trust in aircraft appraisal reporting. The group carefully selects aviation professionals, who then through training, comprehensive research, and detailed analysis provide credible reliable opinions of value.

    The PAAO, collectively comprised of aviation professionals both domestically and internationally, with thousands of years of aircraft appraising experience and knowledge, is the only professional aircraft appraisal organization focused exclusively on aircraft appraisal services. 

    The PAAO is second to none when it comes to credible and reliable aircraft appraisal reports. When clients engage the services of one PAAO Associate they also get the knowledge and experience of the entire PAAO organization due to the manner in which the PAAO is structured along with the interworking between Associates. Much like NAFA, the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization is committed to promoting high-level education and training in the aviation industry.  

    “It is important for the general public to understand that the aircraft appraisal industry is unregulated,” said Mike Simmons, President and Chairman of the PAAO. “Because there are no real standards in the aircraft appraisal industry, anyone can claim to be an aircraft appraiser. There are also no industry requirements regarding training, background and experience of these individuals so those clients who need creditable, reliable information when buying, selling or financing aircraft have no idea who has the knowledge, skills and abilities to help them. The general public generally tends to believe that pointing to a number on a display or in a book or checking a few boxes in an online analysis will provide them with credible results which is not the case at all. There are also individuals who claim to be aircraft appraisers who never leave the office to look at one rivet on an airframe or read one page in any log book when developing their opinion of value.”  

    Mike Simmons went on to say – “The PAAO continues to be different in the aircraft appraisal industry because we are the only organization that generally REQUIRES every signed report to involve a field visit of the aircraft and a review of all log books and maintenance records. The PAAO is focused exclusively on aircraft and aircraft values. We have no interest in any other heavy machinery or any interest in the publishing industry. Those clients who relied on credible and trustworthy results from a previous organization will find the PAAO staffed and filled with trained, experienced, professional aircraft appraisers who will provide detailed reports based on comprehensive research and analysis of the market. The objectives of our associates are to help our clients better manage their risks when buying, selling or financing aircraft.  We do this by providing factual data and information. “Knowledge is power.”

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