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    Your Private Air Transportation Options – Making An Informed Decision and Executing It Correctly see more

    NAFA member, Anthony Kioussis with Asset Insight, hosts their latest podcast "Aircraft Ownership Lifecycle Podcast" featuring NAFA member, Lee Rohde President and CEO of Essex Aviation Group.  

    Lee Rohde discusses how the consulting company he founded advises aviation-related entities on a wide range of aircraft acquisition, strategic planning, financial, operational and management matters. Specifically, Lee covers:

    • Private Air Transportation options – what should prospective users consider in reviewing their options for meeting their travel requirements?
    • In the event an entity determines they want to acquire an aircraft, how should they go about identifying the best model to meet their travel requirements?
    • What factors have the greatest influence on the decision to acquire a new vs. a pre-owned aircraft?
    • The issues and complexities associated with refurbishing or upgrading a pre-owned aircraft.
    • The expertise an entity should secure if they are planning an aircraft acquisition.
    • The factors to be considered when determining an Offer Price for an aircraft.
    • What a pre-purchase inspection entails and why it is such an important part of acquisition process.

    Listen to the podcast here.  

    This podcast was originally published by Asset Insight.

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    Esventures LLC Joins National Aircraft Finance Association see more


    EDGEWATER, Md. - Jan. 22, 2019 - National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is pleased to announce that Esventures LLC has recently joined its professional network of aviation lenders. “NAFA members proudly finance - support or enable the financing of - general and business aviation aircraft throughout the world, and we’re happy to add Esventures to our association,” said Ford von Weise, President of NAFA.

    Esventures LLC is a leading service-oriented company with 13 years of experience, providing a broad spectrum of services and expertise in the areas of aviation, engineering, energy, oil and gas and financing. Esventures’ expanding capabilities enable them to offer customers a full range of services, including aircraft leasing/air transportation/operational management, project financing, engineering designs, procurement, construction, installation and maintenance management.

    The company establishes strategic partnerships with specialized industry leaders to constantly improve the level of services they offer, striving to provide the highest quality project deliverables on time, within budget, and at the lowest blended rate in the industry.Esventures’ leasing services supply aircraft on a timely and affordable basis and ensure that clients reach their destination in safety and comfort.Their aircraft management services are meticulous in the care of all operations and maintenance so clients can focus on their business.  

    Much like NAFA, Esventures LLC is proud of their reputation for excellent service and promotes strict standards in the aviation industry. Esventures and NAFA consider safety to be of the utmost concern and are dedicated to fostering highly trained and experienced pilots, crews and aviation professionals.

    For more information about Esventures LLC, visit  

    About NAFA: 

    The National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the general welfare of individuals and organizations providing aircraft financing and loans secured by aircraft; to improving the industry's service to the public; and to providing our members with a forum for education and the sharing of information and knowledge to encourage the financing, leasing and insuring of general aviation aircraft. For more information about NAFA, visit