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NAFA Foundation


To help support the education of future Business Aviation leaders, the National Aircraft Finance Association has created the NAFA Foundation to provide scholarships to students pursuing a career within the Business Aviation finance, legal and insurance community.   

The amount of Scholarship funds to be made available each year, and for any one Scholarship winner, shall be between $1,000 and $5,000, with exact amounts determined annually by the NAFA Board of Directors.  

NAFA will accept applications from qualified applicants attending colleges and universities offering course work in Accounting, Business Marketing, Economics, and/or Finance, with a focus on Aviation Business/Management. All interested applicants must apply through their University’s Financial Aid office.  

The University shall submit to NAFA, by no later than October 31st, a list of applicants meeting the NAFA Scholarship requirements. The NAFA Board shall approve all Scholarships to be awarded each year and advise all Applicants through their University’s Financial Aid Office, by no later than November 30th. 

NAFA is committed to providing scholarships on an annual basis to worthy candidates. However, NAFA will be under no obligation to provide any scholarships during any single calendar year. 

Applications, and all supporting material, must be mailed to: 

            The NAFA Foundation 

            P.O. Box 1570 

            Edgewater, MD21037 

            Attn: Scholarship Award Selection Committee 


Please contact: Karen Griggs, Executive Director, NAFA 

                          Office: (410) 571-1740