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About Bank of America Global Leasing

Bank of America Global Leasing is the largest U.S. bank-owned equipment financing company, serving more than 64,000 clients worldwide.

Our corporate aircraft clients work with a team of dedicated professionals around the globe who can address every facet of corporate aircraft financing from providing structuring advice to serving as your advocate in the marketplace. Large publicly traded corporations, privately held companies and high net worth individuals work with experts who can act in a variety of roles depending on transaction type and their financial, tax and asset needs. Benefit from our experience providing customized aircraft financing to meet your unique circumstances and objectives.


Products & Services

Bank of America Global Leasing offers a comprehensive array of tailored financial products including tax, operating and non-tax operating leases, debt financing, short-term aircraft leases, aircraft upgrades and refurbishments, syndications, interest rate swaps, hedge funding, portfolio acquisitions and advisory services.

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One Cowboys Way, Suite 500
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