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About AdviseAir Inc.

We are multilingual professionals speaking the languages of aviation, finance, and business. AdviseAir approaches your private jet fiscal oversight requirements with a tradition of family office service, trust and transparency. Service is embedded in our culture. We provide unbiased advisory helping to make informed financial decisions around aviation assets cost of operations, revenue generation and value preservation considerations throughout your ownership life cycle.

Assess, then Plan. Execute, Measure, then Repeat.  Acknowledging the uniqueness of each aircraft owner and user we serve, we assess spending, revenue and asset value objectives then devise a Fiscal Flight Plan™ that will achieve optimal financial results.  After we have prepared a strategic plan for you, for a nominal annual cost our Fiscal Flight Following ™ program is a way to ensure that the plans you have set in place are effective, working and are being followed by those that operate your aircraft. Our Concierge Club program offers you financial and administrative support 24/7/365.

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  • Patti Sullivan